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 Welcome to Thornton le Dale Ukuleles Music resource page. This page has music and recordings

Here are some Tutorials to play along with and to help to relieve the boredom of the CoronaVirus lockdown. Each song has scrolling music to help you, there is no need to print out hard copies. Please click on the link to take you to your selected song.  You can also play along with other instruments.


If you are new to playing a ukulele, you will find instructions and a talking songbook lower down this page.


If you would like to see a short video, about how to access this page using an iPad (and its link to YouTube) click here for the video. There are also instructions that you can print. Click here for printed instructions  (click here for the instructions in large print)


John has made video with an explanation of the concept of these lessons. Click here for the video and Click here for the printout

'The Shirt' series - key F 

Lesson 1: When the Saints Medley - Click here    

Lesson 2: Paisir d’amour - Click here 

'The Jumper' series - key C


Lesson 7: A Mess of Blues - click here  

'The Cuppa' series - key G

'The Melody' series 

'The Bits and Bobs' series 



Why not learn about the On Song App? Our user Guides are below:



Music Books to Download click the name to go to the music

                *if you are using a left hand strung Ukulele: Left Handed Chord Diagram for book 1


Music - indiviual tunes to print out

Play along - Recordings of Christmas 2019 songs (warts and all!!)

Play along - other songs


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