North Yorkshire County Council is seeking the views of residents about how we can help

you dispose of hazardous household waste in the future.

At present residents are unable to dispose of hazardous wastes at our 20 Household Waste

Recycling Centres (HWRCs). Instead the council provides a home collection service, free of charge,

for hazardous waste such as white spirit, some paints and paint cleaners; weed killers and pesticide;

brake fluid and anti-freeze.

We now need to look at other ways of helping residents dispose of hazardous household waste.

We are asking for your views in a consultation starting on 10 July 2017. The consultation asks

questions around a number of potential options for future hazardous household waste disposal

services, including:

  • accepting hazardous household waste at the county’s HWRCs to enable residents to dispose

of it at their convenience,

  • charging for home collection services for some or all types of hazardous household waste,
  • ceasing to provide a home collection service for some or all types of hazardous household waste.


The consultation will run until 2 October 2017 and anyone wanting to take part can do so online










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